Meet the Crew!

Yes, we are artistic folks with different strokes who sync to work as a team and deliver your distinct event.

We present to you The Experts…

NARA The Head of The Tribe
A leader, a team player, a wanderlust and an excellent supporter rolled into one. Nara is very flexible in every situation that she is faced with. Equipped with her eye for details and her effective managerial skills, every project she handles is a sure hit.

BRYAN The Hungry Artist
With his passion for art, Bryan never ceases to explore and create masterpieces each time. He does everything with innate artistry, here and abroad. This guy is packed with so much talent not to mention that he is one heck of an expert photographer.

DIVYA The Digital Stellar
Going bungee jumping, snorkeling and other outdoor adventures are surely inspiration-source for our Pro in Digital Marketing. Divya is always on the lookout for what is hot and what is not. With all her energy and enthusiasm, we are driven to reach our goals.

MOHAMED The Sales Surfer
He feels alive, free and happy not just when doing his kite surfer hobby but every time he is at work. Mohamed has a good mix of sincere tone of voice and professional demeanor which makes him a great sales ally. He gives all his might and conscious effort at everything.

KATYA The Unicorn Support
She has a pocketful of sunshine and creativity on-hand. Katya can be the Jane of all trade in support of the whole team's undertaking. She is up for anything from artsy to fancy.

Careful yet free-spirited, our guy has the best of both worlds because he knows how to draw the line between work and play. Jerin gets things done in a speed of a light but with accuracy. He is up-to-date with the dynamics of assets and liabilities. Thumbs up to the ace!

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