You Are the Captain of Your Own Ship


Different folks for different strokes. We would say this idiom when we are faced with decisions or how to approach life with the flair of our personal style. Each of us is entitled to our own opinions and we hold ourselves responsible on how we respond to given circumstances. When there is stimulus, we respond— because we are human.

In psychology, emotion is often defined as a complex state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and behavior. [1] This is the unconscious effort we feel at given situations. However, we can manage our reactions and responses when we process every event that we undertake. As adults, we have passed so many events and these are what we collectively call experiences. Aside from other factors that influence our emotion, experiences can be the best molder of our daily affect.

Through these we can define our preferences, our dislikes, what we find beautiful, what we should learn and unlearn, and the list goes on.

Every morning is a chance to decide on how you want your day to be. Affirmation and gratitude are good practices to keep a positive outlook. Talking to ourselves or interpersonal communication can be an efficient way to de-clutter our thoughts, plan a goal and envision a good disposition.

“It’s all in the state of mind…” our peer would sometime quip when he or she would try to make a pep talk to us when we are having low hopes or having a bad day. This is actually one powerful statement that we need to master. As human adults, we do not just react. We respond. Drawing the difference between the two, the impact of each in your life can be huge because reacting is an instinctual behavior directed by the reptilian brain, and responding is a conscious choice involving input from the more evolved brain.[2] Therefore, we must train ourselves to be responsible in handling the chances we get into. Of course, we have our flaws but we can manage better when we choose to have positive outlook that results to positive emotions.

Choose to be joyful. Find your happy place. Be the captain of your own ship.

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